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HNCE students in grades 3–5 have the opportunity to join the orchestra in this wonderful program offered through Carnegie Hall. They will learn to play a recorder in the classroom and perform with a professional orchestra from their seats at a concert at the Performing Arts Center in April.


2017-2018 Supply List

School is fast approaching!!!!!  Find all of your child’s necessary materials here!




*Kindergarten *First Grade Second Grade *Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Book Bag – no wheels Book Bag Book Bag Book Bag Book Bag Book Bag
1 Fabric Pencil Pouch

(Zipper and 3 holes)

1 pencil box 1   5”x8” pencil box


1 pk construction paper 2 pks of Block Erasers    1 – 1 subject notebook
 #2 Pencils 2 pks #2 yellow Pencils

(no jumbo, no mechanical)

2 pk #2 Pencils

(no design, no mechanical)

3 pks #2 yellow Pencils

1 pack block erasers

3 pks #2 Pencils


5 pks #2 Pencils


  1 Fabric Pencil Pouch

Clear front, zipper w/ 3 holes

1 pk Loose-leaf Paper

(wide ruled)

 2 pks Loose-leaf Paper

(wide ruled)

2 large pks Loose-leaf Paper (wide ruled) 3  pks Loose-leaf Paper

(wide ruled)

  2 pk large Rubber Erasers 4 Glue Sticks 2 Glue Sticks

1 bottle liquid glue

8 pk Glue Sticks  2 pks Crayons

Expo Markers

4 pks Crayola Crayons

(16 or 24 count)

2 pks Crayola Crayons

(24 count)

2 pks Crayola Crayons

(24 count)

2 pks Crayons (24count)

Colored pencils, or markers

 1 pk Colored pencils

or crayons

 Highlighters: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green
  8 Glue Sticks  1 bottle Glue 1 Pencil Pouch/Box Pencil Pouch/Box 4 Glue sticks
4 bottles liquid Glue-All 1  Composition notebook 2 yellow highlighters


1 Composition Notebook


1 box of Wet Wipes (boys)

1 box of Disinfecting wipes                          (girls)

4 Highlighters

(green, yellow,

pink, blue)

Clear Ruler – Lead-In Edge with inches and Centimeters


2 boxes Facial Tissue 2 box Facial Tissue 1 box Facial Tissue 2 boxes  Facial Tissue 1 box Facial Tissue 1 box Facial Tissue (girls)
1 bottle Germ X  1 spiral notebook

(1 subject wide-ruled)

1 spiral bound notebook (wide ruled) 2 Spiral Notebooks  3 Composition Books


1 pair of Scissors
Fiskars round-tip scissors Fiskars Scissors

(round tip)

Fiskars Scissors

(round tip)

Fiskars Scissors


Fiskars Scissors


1 pk large pink erasers

1 pk Cap erasers

Plastic Pocket Folder

With prongs

1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green

4  Plastic Pocket Folders (with prongs)

1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow

3 Plastic Pocket Folders (with prongs)

1 red,

1 green, 1 blue,

4 Plastic Pocket Folders (with prongs)

2 red,

1 green, 1 blue

 2 Plastic Pocket Folders

1 blue (no prongs)

1 yellow (with prongs)

1 Red Plastic Pocket Folders

(with prongs)


  1 Bottle of Germ X (boys)



1-pk  washable Markers

1 Clorox wipes

1-pk Subject Dividers

1-3 Ring Binder (1 ½”)

1 – 2 ½ ” 3 Ring Binder


8- 5 Tab Dividers

2- 2” 3 Ring Binder (with clear sleeve on front)

1- 1” 3 Ring Binder with clear view on front

1 – 1” 3 Ring Binder with clear view pocket on front cover 1 – 1” Binder with clear view pocket on front cover 1 pk yellow highlighters

1 pk dry eraser markers




1 box Clorox wipes

         16 Tab Dividers,

1- pk loose leaf construction                          paper


Paper towels

1 roll Paper Towels(girls)


1 roll paper towels (boys)

1 pack wet wipes (girls)

1 roll Paper Towels 1 roll Paper Towels



1 roll Paper Towels (boys)


Ear buds (cheap)

1 lg pk of Baby Wipes 1 – Disinfecting wipes (Lysol, Clorox, etc.) 1 pk construction paper

1 pk cap erasers

         Ruler for home Ear Buds (cheap) Grid Paper – loose leaf (cm)

1 pk paper plates

Zippered plastic bags (quart, gallon or sandwich)



1 pk Markers

1 box gallon Zippered Plastic Bags, Ear Buds (cheap)

Expo Markers


1 bottle Germ-X

1  pk large Pink Erasers

1 box quart Zippered Plastic Bags ,Ear Buds (cheap)

Expo markers


Ruler for school

1 box Ziploc bags

Ear buds




1 Pk Expo Dry Erase Markers


1 pencil pouch , wet wipes,

Clorox wipes, Ziplock bags



Mississippi Bicentennial


Fourth graders at HNCE attended the Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration on Friday, March 31st at Centennial Plaza in Gulfport.  Students navigated their way through booths and exhibits of colleges, military, and other organizations representing our great state.  Students witnessed the unveiling of the new Mississippi stamp and listened to speeches given by political leaders, musicians, authors, and celebrities from Mississippi.


Fall AR Celebration

We read because we love to, but we also read because we love the AR Celebrations!  Students who met their Accelerated Reader goals for the first nine weeks went on an adventurous trip to the new Hancock County play area/pavilion/splash pad (conveniently located across from the school).  Accelerated Reader promotes individualized growth in literacy and comprehension, and it acts as a catalyst to spark a new world of discovery through literature and informational text.

See You at the Pole

September 28, 2016, thousands of Christian students across the nation gather for a student-initiated and student-led worship, scripture reading, and prayer service around the school’s flagpole.  This tradition began in Texas in 1998, and HNCE students continue that tradition today.


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