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Annie Jones

Annie Jones is the principal at Hancock North Central Elementary in Kiln,
MS.  She served as assistant principal at Hancock North Central Elementary
for the past two years.  Annie has worked in education for 21 years and has
been with Hancock County School District for 19 years.  She served as lead
teacher, math department chair, and math teacher at Hancock Middle School
before moving to Hancock North Central Elementary.  In 2014, she was
named Hancock County School District’s teacher of the year.  Annie earned
her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington and attended William
Carey University where she earned both a Master’s degree and a Specialist
in Educational Leadership.  
Annie is a dedicated lifelong learner and looks forward to serving as principal
at Hancock North Central.  She believes each child is unique and that the
classroom teacher is the person with the greatest power to help tap into a
student’s unique gifts.  She is driven to help and support teachers in
becoming their best selves, which she believes promotes student growth and
success.  Her vision is a school where children feel loved, respected and
encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.

When Annie is not keeping busy with school, you can find her enjoying some
time on the saltwater boating or fishing with her husband, reading a book on
her Kindle, or spending time with her family.